Monday, 6 December 2010

What babies like the most

  1. Music and dancing make a great combination even for small babies (always support your baby's head with one hand). If its's warm enough, dress up baby in light clothes and keep baby's skin against yours, as this can be very calming and reassuring for the baby.
  2. Your baby may enjoy listening to various sounds, and working out where they come from. Use rattles, squeaky toys or crinkly materials.
  3. Young babies are interested in  things that disappear and then come back. You can make a game out of this, just by popping your face out from behind your hands.
  4. Tummy Time - Because babies should sleep on their backs, it's important to give them some "tummy time" so they get used to being on their fronts when they're awake.
  5. Take your baby out into a garden, to a florist's shop or a garden centre to see different sorts of plants and flowers.